Kids with As and Bs aren’t reading At Grade Level.

What would you do if you learned your kids couldn’t read at grade level? Many parents are rightfully shocked to learn that their kids aren’t reading at grade level. Join us to make sure every parent has the information and resources they need to ensure our children can read at grade level.

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The Unreported Card

How many children are at grade level in your child’s school? Find out Here!

As And Bs Do Not Mean Our Kids Know Their ABCs

Did You Know?

96% of Tarrant County parents believe their student can read at grade level. The hard truth is 46% of Tarrant County students cannot read at grade level.

“If you’re only focused on those grades for the entire year you’ll be shocked at the end of the year.”

“How she had an A in reading, I don’t know.”

Watch the story of one parent's journey to improve her daughter's reading skills and the broader issue of literacy in the City of Fort Worth schools.

What parents say

  • As a parent knowing that there is help out there and that our children can receive the help that they need it makes me feel awesome.
  • I can’t express in a big enough way how important all the different components of literacy and reading are for our kids as they get older.
  • I believe that we should advocate not only for our children but we should be proactive in advocating for other students whose parents may not be aware.
  • We will be there at the board meetings, we will be there at all the events.